Band, Cover-Band

BANDSQUARE – virtually live!

Just to put it straight from the beginning: We are not a „usual“ Playback-Band. Our Playbacks are „genuine handmade“ – hand played Drum- and Bass-Parts, which give our performance an absolute „Live-Quality“. It is an act of honor that we record them ourselves!

However, to be absolutely certain, one can track our performance live – we accompany ourselves on a big screen in the background – virtually live!The advantage is obvious: We can cover the whole range from „Minor-Arts-Duo“ to a „Power-Rock-Band“, from room volume to Concert-Hall-Amplitudes – and all this as a Duo!

The icing on the cake is, of course, the accordion. It provides our Pop-Rock-Band with a unique sound: From Manu Chao to Red Hot Chili Peppers, from Amy MacDonald to Coldplay – everything sounds familiar, original, and yet... uniquely fresh! Moreover, we are professional and flexible – Your event should and will become exactly as you wish it to be – no ifs, no buts – with BANDSQUARE!
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